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Blackout curtains

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Blackout curtains

Like black out blinds, heavy draperies are one example of a typical blackout curtains. They come in a large choice of shades and style. One advantage of having a blackout curtains is it reduces light and sound from coming into your home.

Blackout curtains may be one of the greatest inventions of all time to make a bedroom perfect for sleeping. Studies have shown that people sleep better in a dark room, but attaining this can be difficult for day sleepers or people living under the shine of a streetlamp or neighbor’s porch light. To achieve the best possible benefit from blackout curtains, put the rod as near to the ceiling as possible and bring the drapes right down to the floor. If you want to be able to clear the window when the curtains are open, you need to overhang the window width by 30 to 40 percent, depending on the fabric.

Room darkening or reducing light is the main function of blackout curtains, they are also helpful in some cases you have newborn which need not be disturb by lights and sounds. In some hotels, they prefer to make hotel rooms a bit darker so that clients will not be awaken soon. Another thing is to make hotel residence be comfortable who are still programmed to a
different time zone. But some prefer darkening their room through the use of blackout curtains just to enhance their television viewing.

But do you know that blackout curtain do aid in conserving electricity bills? It has been confirmed that homes which uses these kinds of draperies protect a considerable amount of energy, for the reason that it helps to insulate the house and reduce thermal wastage when shut across the windows. Some manufactures also confirm that their draperies controls almost half the outside noise, so if you are living in a very noisy place and nosy neighborhood then It would be best to install blackout curtains.

Another good advantage of having a blackout curtain is the solitude it brings to the resident, since you are free from the outside noise and moreover a beaming sun rays which irritate most the people living on that house.

A blackout curtain can also further ensure that other elements of nature, such as the hot, humid air in the summer and the blistery cold frigid air in the winter, will have less of a chance of seeping through. Even if you live in an older house with drafty windows, blackout windows can help improve insulation, thereby lowering heating and cooling bills. Furthermore a peaceful sleep is priceless with the use of blackout curtains. Blackout shades can improve the state of your wallet, but more important, restore your vigor.

Material like velvets and chenille’s add visual warmth, sound absorption, and elegance in addition to the room-darkening features. These can be found in rich solids or intricate and flowery brocades and jacquards. No matter what the face fabric is made of, the key to good blackout qualities is in the lining. The least expensive usually have a rubberized backing applied to the face fabric. Nicer drapes have a face fabric and a separate blackout liner. To get the most life out of your curtains, look for fabrics with linings that can be washed at home.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take them to the cleaners, but if the fabrics are sturdy enough to be washed at home, they should hold up well for many years.


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